There are many options for payment collection available, especially in the health and fitness industry. There are few companies however, that will work with you to build a partnership and work as hard as NAC to make sure you succeed. Below are some questions to consider when choosing a reliable billing service.

Is it important to receive your payments frequently?

Clients of NAC receive payouts weekly! Don’t wait for biweekly or monthly statements when you can receive customer payments each week.

Are you tired of paying for rejected EFT items?

Most billing companies and banks charge fees for returned or rejected EFT items. With NAC, you only pay for successfully transmitted payments!

Does your billing company keep part of your profits or increase processing fees for late payers?

It is common for billing companies to increase their fees or charge additional late fees to customers who pay late. NAC will never increase processing fees on late payers and will remit to you all collected late fees. We are so confident in our pre-collection process that many customers see a reduced amount of bad debt after switching to NAC.

Are you forced into billing all of your customers on a specific day of the month?

NAC offers up to 6 different billing dates each month so that you have the flexibility to offer the most convenient payment date to your customer.

How long has your billing company been in business?

NAC has been in business for over 25 years. Our experience in electronic billing, data validation and security, customer service and collection procedures is apparent in every service provided.